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Emile Zola

Placed between 20° and 6° degree of North latitude and between 98° and 105 ° degree of East longitude, at 9412 km from Paris, Thailand, on a geographic map, evokes the head of an elephant, with the forehead stumbling over Burma, enemy of always, and the trunk going down between Andaman sea on the West and the China sea in the East. This country extends over more than 1600 km from north to south and over a maximum of 800 km from east to west but is reduced unless 30 km at the level of Prachuap Khiri Khan city.

His 3720 km of ground border are lined with the Cambodia and with Laos in the East, with Burma in the North and on the West and with the Malaysia extremely in the South. His maritime facade is important with, on the West, on approximately 700 km, the Indian Ocean, called in border of coast sea Andaman. In the East, we find the China sea with a maritime facade of approximately 1900 km.



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