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organized travel thailand


I am Teeda and my vocation is to propose in Thailand and Laos, original tours in small groups (usually 8 people), which allows to take care quite specially to our customers who are our guests in the land of smile.

Thailand, as well as Laos, are enchanting, have a rich history and culture, outside the pictures which one meet too often.

I created this agency, I am Thai citizen, I always lived in Thailand and I married a Frenchman.

Very familiar with Thailand and Laos, it is for you the guarantee of a complete and personalized coverage to make live you an unforgettable stay.


I do that by love of my country and Laos, my only purpose is the full satisfaction of my

customers and guests what position my prestation and the tours apart, because it is really

something else to propose a simple flight and a hotel, we're well beyond...

I want your trip an extraordinary experience, unique, and it must be a personal experience, something which you will keep intact the memories.


You will discover all the arts of Thailand (and Laos for those who choose this tour).

When we talk about art, this is both of architectural art (the grand Palace, temples, Jim Thompson House (and his fabulous  collection of art

objects, the Laos and Luang Prabang with its colonial city), culinary art because the Thailand holds one of best food in the world with its

perfumes and its uneven herbs, and simply the art of living, Thai people having this faculty in their culture to have a true art of life, in the calm, serenity and voluptuousness.


You will enjoy what is called well-being,... yoga if you want, the benefits of the spa, cooking classes if you wish.


If you love your family and want to make them happy, you can have the pleasure of a multi generational travel where you'll find yourselves

all together in the deepest roots of your closest family, being with your children and grandchildren to live unforgettable moments.


You will live the omnipresence of the external environment. This country is blessed of the gods, everything grows fast and wonderful and

fusion with nature is everywhere, Inside is at one with outside, for the simple pleasure of the senses, the smell of flowers, jasmine, frangipani,

the noise of the wind and the waves, the singing of the birds...


If you like sports you can practice jogging on beaches, water sports, indoor sports in hotels equipped for it, cycling and many others.


In our proposals we are here to advise you and we do not want to be an "agent", but we want to offer something different and bring you the

best, really advise you in accordance with your requests.


As the trip begins in the plane we chose Thai Airways Company for our 'flight inclusive' option and in case you want to book your ticket by

yourself we invite you to choose this company.

One of the best company in the world, by entering the plane you are already in Thailand with a real comfort in Airbus A380 in the colors of

Thailand, with a friendly staff and listening to your every request. Their traditional costumes will make you immediately plunge the country

of smile, without forgetting that you will benefit of succulent meals where the level of quality in economy class is higher than a lot of company

in business class.

What is the difference between what we offer and what you can "classically" find?


There is not one, but many différences.


I did not want to make what everybody makes. Propose a flight and a hotel with full Board in hotel is basic,

everyone offers it.

Offer sites visits to 50 people or more, everyone offers it.


No, I propose a real accompaniment,you will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of your stay.

Let us to be clear, it doesn't mean that you will have my presence on the back constantly and you will need to follow, such as

Chinese, the flag of the group leader.

No, because firstly the group doesn't include more than 8 people.

Then everyone is free to do or not to do what is proposed in the program. Everyone is free also for lunch or dinner to follow the group or

not and can choose the restaurant that he wants, we only recommend restaurants (except for those who chose the full Board option, but

they will not be disappointed in the quality of the restaurants).

Also you will never have long routes by bus or by train, we see too often that on the proposed offers but it is a big fatigue and a very mediocre comfort which made waste time and engenders besides risks, tiredness which makes you lose and forget all the happiness of your journey and what you discover.

Also we propose a directflight on Thai Airways airline company because the stopovers are often long and tiring.


Freedom is the most important for me and I think that it's the same of my hosts.

Upon arrival, you will have a mobile phone with the credit.


Why is that? Simply because precisely this freedom can you lead you away from the Group and if you need to reach me you can do it

without problem.


This also allows for a couple, to Madam to go shopping and to his husband to drink a beer by looking at the sea, anyone can called and

be called as he wants and find easily somebody, with or without my help.


In brief I can say that I propose the carefree organization, The well-being of all instants and the necessary safety for a travel with no

problem at all to take advantage completely of every moment.


This is what makes the difference and this, not many can offer you.


I can do it because in Thailand I am at home and I know both the most beautiful and best for you.


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